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Microscope Cameras

Converting traditional optical microscopes into refined-grade digital microscopes, Dino-Eye series features enhancing the existing equipment through fitting seamlessly on optical microscope for specimens observed on an external display that would give screen viewing.

  • AM4023CT


    The AM4023CT Dino-Eye (USB) series C-Mount digital camera sports a 1.3Megapixels sensor for digitizing observed images onto your connected LCD screen. It is specifically designed for conventional microscopes or endoscopes with a C-Mount interface or...

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  • AM4023U

    The Dino-Eye Premier AM4023U digital eyepiece is a very adaptable digital eyepiece that can fit eyepiece slots up to 38mm ocular diameter. It has a 1.3 Megapixels sensor with the ability for long exposures that's great for low light visibility. It allows...

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  • AM4023X


    The Dino-Eye Premier AM4023X digital eyepiece is a very adaptable digital eyepiece that can fit 23mm, 30mm, and 30.5mm eyepiece slots with its included adapters with its tubular design that is great for setting the right focal point for different types...

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  • AM422X


    DinoEye AM422X analog eyepiece camera for microscopes brings microscopy into a sharable and ergonomically pleasing experience. The AM422X has a unique small tubular design made to fit into most eyepiece slots. The scope itself is 23mm in diameter and...

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  • AM7023CT


    The AM7023CT Dino-Eye USB 5 MP C-Mount camera allows users to attach a digital camera onto an optical device to clearly observe in real-time what the device is viewing onto a computer or projected for an audience to see. The AM7023CT has a MicroTouch...

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  • AM7025X


    Adopting with Edge class optics and high-resolution sensor, the 5MP Dino-Eye Edge series AM7025X eyepiece offers remarkable image performance yet provides relatively large field of view than its predecessors. With fine color reproducibility, the AM7025X...

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