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Stands & Accessories

A list of collection, holders, backlight, knob motor, exchangeable caps, and foot pedal are available to reach better convenience or to extend application when using with Dino-Lite

  • BL-ZW1


    The BL-ZW1 is a back light illumination table with adjustable polarization for the Dino-Lite. Please note that the polarizing feature has to be used with the Dino-Lite digital microscope with polarizing abilities; such as the AM4113ZT or the AD4113ZT...

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  • KM-01


    The KM-01 allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes* focus knob without touching the device. It can be used in specific conditions when the Dino-Lite microscope has to be isolated during use, such as: using it in a hazardous environment, when...

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  • MS33W


    Designed for Dino-Lite: Articulating desktop stand with fine adjustment dial designed for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscopeS. This model has a fine adjustment knob attached to the base to aid in precise movement and achieving focal...

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  • RK-06


    The Dino-Lite RK-06 tabletop stand is designed for general purpose but built with quality. With smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement, the RK-06 eases the task of focusing when using Dino-Lite microscopes. The ease-of-assembly and adaptable...

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  • SL-ZW1

    The SL-ZW1 is not your ordinary articulate USB powered light. The SL-ZW1 is a polarized USB powered LED light that can be used with polarized Dino-Lite models. With a simple rotation, you can adjust the amount of polarized illumination required for the...

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  • SW-F1

    The SW-F1 allows you to take a picture with a simple step from your foot using our Dino-Lite or Dino-Eye digital microscopy solutions. The foot pedal is compatible with both DinoXcope for Macintosh computers and DinoCapture 2.0 for PC, making it a single...

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  • WF-20 WiFi Streamer

    Coupling with Dino-Lite AF series, the WF-20 is a Wi-Fi streamer adding further versatility, flexibility, and agility to Dino-Lite microscope. Thanks to stable image transmission and long battery life, the WF-20 is well suited but not limited to field...

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  • RK-10A


    The Dino-Lite RK-10A universal stand is a stable tabletop platform that features precise fine-focus adjustment and is compatible with the complete line of Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras. The RK-10A quick release button is helpful for fast and...

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  • MS35B


    The MS35B is an economical and rigid vertical desktop stand that was designed to be used with the Dino-Lite handheld digital microscope. It provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis rotational perspective and as much as 20cm of vertical...

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  • MS36B


    The Dino-Lite MS36B Rigid Table Top Boom Stand is one of our most popular models and an ideal choice for working with larger size specimens such as pc mother boards or assemblies. It offers 8 inches of vertical distance, 10 inches of horizontal reach and...

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  • MS-08B

    The MS-08B is a portable, sturdy, and miniature stand that comes with the HD-P1 holster.

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  • RK-02


    The RK-02 is a durable gooseneck rack designed for flexible and ergonomic usage for Dino-Lite. The C-clamp of RK-02 fits to most desk surface or pole up to 3-inch in thickness, horizontally or vertically. With excellent shaping capability of the...

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