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Long Working Distance

This special feature provides greater clearance between the microscope and the viewing object. Dino-Lite models with the LWD feature cover a lower magnification range and larger depth of field than standard models. The magnification range for Dino-Lite Edge LWD models is 10x to 140x (14:1 zoom ratio) with working distance greater than 3cm. The magnification range for Dino-Lite Premier LWD models is 20x to 90x (4.5:1 zoom ratio) with working distance greater than 5cm.

  • AD4113TL-MA1

    The Dino-Lite Premier AD4113TL-MA1 is a long working distance model providing more distance to work with at higher magnifications, and capable of changing the front cover to better adapt to different applications.It comes with a standard transparent...

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  • AF4515ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    AF4515ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    Featuring with FLC, AMR, and long-working-distance (LWD) lens, the Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4515ZTL was made to be tool of choice for measurement-intensive applications within 10-140X magnification.  The adaptable interface which supports the...

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  • AF4915ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    AF4915ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    The Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4915ZTL, an all-in-one device with long-working-distance (LWD) optics and adaptable interface, is designed to meet most professional applications within 10-140x magnification. The AF4915ZTL integrates with EDOF, EDR, AMR and...

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