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Long Working Distance

This special feature provides greater clearance between the microscope and the viewing object. Dino-Lite models with the LWD feature cover a lower magnification range and larger depth of field than standard models. The magnification range for Dino-Lite Edge LWD models is 10x to 140x (14:1 zoom ratio) with working distance greater than 3cm. The magnification range for Dino-Lite Premier LWD models is 20x to 90x (4.5:1 zoom ratio) with working distance greater than 5cm.

  • AD4113TL-MA1

    The Dino-Lite Premier AD4113TL-MA1 is a long working distance model providing more distance to work with at higher magnifications, and capable of changing the front cover to better adapt to different applications.It comes with a standard transparent...

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  • AF4515ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    AF4515ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    Featuring with FLC, AMR, and long-working-distance (LWD) lens, the Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4515ZTL was made to be tool of choice for measurement-intensive applications within 10-140X magnification.  The adaptable interface which supports the...

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  • AF4915ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    AF4915ZTL Attachable interface (USB - WiFi)

    The Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4915ZTL, an all-in-one device with long-working-distance (LWD) optics and adaptable interface, is designed to meet most professional applications within 10-140x magnification. The AF4915ZTL integrates with EDOF, EDR, AMR and...

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  • AM4113TL-FVW

    Featuring working distance optics, 400nm UV and white lights switchable by software, and enhanced 1.3 Megapixels sensor.   Enhanced 1.3 MegapixelsIt observes with accurate color reproductions and retain details under low lighting...

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  • AM4115ZTL


    The Dino-Lite® AM4115ZTL Edge series handheld microscope features improved optics for sharper images, an adjustable polarizing filter, and a long working distance. With its polarizer feature, this model is especially well suited for applications...

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  • AM4515ZTL

    The Dino-Lite AM4515ZTL Edge series handheld microscope features improved optics for sharper images, an adjustable polarizing filter, Long Working Distance (LWD) and Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) for easy measurement. With these features, this...

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  • AM4815ZTL

    The Dino-Lite AM4815ZTL Edge series handheld microscope features improved optics for sharper images, an adjustable polarizing filter, Long Working Distance (LWD), Extended Depth of Field (EDOF), and Extended Dynamic Range (EDR). With these...

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  • AM7115MZTL

    Dedicated to provide ample space for working under, the AM7115MZTL, a Long-Working-Distance(LWD) version of Dino-Lite 5MP Edge series, delivers superior image at 10x-140x magnification with greatest illumination flexibility. The AM7115MZTL is able to...

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  • AM73915MZTL


    The Dino-Lite Edge 3.0 AM73915MZTL, a USB 3.0 all-in-one device with LWD optics, allows to fulfill most demand and expectation of professionals. Taking the advantage of USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, the AM73915MZTL delivers fluid and...

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  • AM7515MZTL

    Integrated with AMR and featured with LWD optics, the AM7515MZTL is ideally suited to measurement-oriented industrial applications while longer working distance is required. As a member of Edge series, the AM7515MZTL delivers stunningly sharp and fluid...

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  • AM7915MZTL


    The 5MP Edge AM7915MZTL, a long-working-distance model, has perfectly merged with AMR and EDOF/EDR which makes it ideal for most professional needs, yet its stunningly image quality and illumination flexibility suites well for various imaging task...

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  • WF-20 WiFi Streamer

    Coupling with Dino-Lite AF series, the WF-20 is a Wi-Fi streamer adding further versatility, flexibility, and agility to Dino-Lite microscope. Thanks to stable image transmission and long battery life, the WF-20 is well suited but not limited to field...

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