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Axial Illumination

Casting light through the lens, the built-in and software controllable AXI is designed to provide axial or brightfield illumination, making it ideal for observing reflective surface under high magnification.

  • AM7515MT4A


    Remarkably compacted with a built-in coaxial light, the 5MP Edge AM7515MT4A delivers exceptional brightfield image at 415~470x magnifications. Through the use of Flexible LEDs Control (FLC), the AM7515MT4A is capable of switching between or mixing...

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  • AM7515MT8A


    Pioneered with built-in coaxial light, the AM7515MT8A answers the needs of brightfield observation with superior image quality at 700~900x magnifications. Through the use of Flexible LED Control (FLC), the AM7515MT8A not only can switch between...

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