8MP EDGE Series

  • AM8917MZT


    Pushing the limits of handheld digital microscopy, the 8-megapixel AM8917MZT is a high-resolution digital microscope capable of revealing the minute details of the target. The microscope also delivers outstanding color fidelity, enhancing the imaging...

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  • AM8517MZT


    Capture vibrant and true-to-life images with the 8-megapixel Dino-Lite AM8517MZT digital microscope. Including a polarizer and featuring AMR and eFLC, AM8517MZT provides the versatility to perform a variety of tasks.     ​High...

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  • AM8117MZT


    Taking image quality to the next level, the 8-megapixel AM8117MZT digital microscope delivers high resolution and color fidelity for a natural-looking and detailed imaging experience. AM8117MZT includes a polarizer for reducing unwanted reflections...

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