5MP EDGE Series

The Dino-Lite Edge series, including AM7115, AM7515, and AM7915, were designed to meet the needs of higher image resolution, superior image quality and greater flexibility in use. The 5MP Edge series retains all the features and options available in the 1.3MP Edge series, but added with Flexible LED Control (FLC) feature and new generation metal-housing design. Thanks to low-loss compression, the 5MP Edge series is able to deliver crisp image quality at moderate frame rate over USB2.0.

  • AM7515MZT


    The AM7515MZT was made to be tool of choice for measurement-oriented industrial applications, adding efficiency and accuracy of measurement with AMR to the Dino-Lite 5MP Edge series. Not to mention, the AM7515MZT delivers stunningly sharp and fluid...

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  • AM7115MZTW


    Designed for macro-view observation, the 5MP Edge AM7115MZTW provides wide field-of-view while offering large depth-of-field within a magnification range of 10X-50X. With astonishing image quality and illumination flexibility inherited from 5MP Edge...

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  • AM7115MZT AM7115MZT


    Designed to meet or exceed general professional needs, the Dino-Lite 5MP Edge AM7115MZT delivers unsurpassed image at wide magnification range from 20X to 220X with greatest illumination flexibility. Integrated with cutting-edge optics, advanced 5MP...

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  • Dino-Lite AM7915MZT Dino-Lite AM7915MZT

    Dino-Lite AM7915MZT

    The 5MP Edge AM7915MZT has perfectly merged AMR and EDOF/EDR into one unit which maximizes flexibility to meet most professional needs, not to mention its stunningly image quality and illumination freedom are well-suited for various imaging requirement...

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