5.0 Megapixel Resolution

  • AM7115MTF


    When abundant space between the target and the microscope is a must, use Dino-Lite 5MP AM7115MTF extra-long working distance digital microscope. AM7115MTF offers high resolution images and up to 70x magnification at a 108mm working distance...

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  • AM7915MZTL AM7915MZTL


    The 5MP Edge AM7915MZTL, a long-working-distance model, has perfectly merged with AMR and EDOF/EDR which makes it ideal for most professional needs, yet its stunningly image quality and illumination flexibility suites well for various imaging task...

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  • AM7515MZTL


    Integrated with AMR and featured with LWD optics, the AM7515MZTL is ideally suited to measurement-oriented industrial applications while longer working distance is required. As a member of Edge series, the AM7515MZTL delivers stunningly sharp and fluid...

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  • AM73915MZTL AM73915MZTL


    The Dino-Lite Edge 3.0 AM73915MZTL, a USB 3.0 all-in-one device with LWD optics, allows to fulfill most demand and expectation of professionals. Taking the advantage of USB 3.0 high-speed transmission, the AM73915MZTL delivers fluid and...

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  • AM7115MZTL


    Dedicated to provide ample space for working under, the AM7115MZTL, a Long-Working-Distance(LWD) version of Dino-Lite 5MP Edge series, delivers superior image at 10x-140x magnification with greatest illumination flexibility. The AM7115MZTL is able to...

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