• HD-P1 HD-P1


    The HD-P1 holster was built to hold and secure the Dino-Lite handheld microscopes onto a pole. It is great for custom applications where the user may have a compatible existing stand, or want to create a custom stand for the Dino-Lite. The HD-P1 holster...

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  • HD-M1 Holster HD-M1 Holster

    HD-M1 Holster

    Alternate metal holster for all Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras, with a thinner and sleeker design. The HD-M1 holster holds the Dino-Lite microscopes snuggly at the location above the magnification dial with a thumbscrew. Simply by tightening the...

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  • MS16D


    Subject holder designed to securely hold and position smaller sized objects for detailed inspection. This holder can be used directly attached to other accessories such as the MS15X-S2 or used independently. Dino-Lite microscope and stand provide the...

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  • MS16J MS16J


    Ring Holder Inspection Arm, MS16J. This ring mount has a Spring-loaded hook collar which provides to securely hold a ring for inspection under a Dino-Lite with a rotational or swinging movement.Optional Use: Double-sided tape included to secure MS16J to...

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  • SS-M2 Petri Dish Holder SS-M2 Petri Dish Holder

    SS-M2 Petri Dish Holder

    In need of an upright or inverted setup for observing petri dish samples? SS-M2 is a flexible petri dish holder with a two-way configuration setup to facilitate inverted and upright viewing with the use of any Dino-Lite microscope. SS-M2 is only...

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  • WF-20 WiFi Streamer

    WF-20 WiFi Streamer

    Coupling with Dino-Lite AF series, the WF-20 is a Wi-Fi streamer adding further versatility, flexibility, and agility to Dino-Lite microscope. Thanks to stable image transmission and long battery life, the WF-20 is well suited but not limited to field...

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  • SL-ZW1


    The SL-ZW1 is not your ordinary articulate USB powered light. The SL-ZW1 is a polarized USB powered LED light that can be used with polarized Dino-Lite models. With a simple rotation, you can adjust the amount of polarized illumination required for the...

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  • SW-F1


    The SW-F1 allows you to take a picture with a simple step from your foot using our Dino-Lite or Dino-Eye digital microscopy solutions. The foot pedal is compatible with both DinoXcope for Macintosh computers and DinoCapture 2.0 for PC, making it a single...

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  • KM-01 KM-01


    The KM-01 allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes* focus knob without touching the device. It can be used in specific conditions when the Dino-Lite microscope has to be isolated during use, such as: using it in a hazardous environment, when...

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  • RK-10-FX RK-10-FX


    An optional flexible arm extension is available that increase RK-10 effective range of motion in good flexibility. With pivot rotating head, the RK-10-FX also allows observations from various angles.

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