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Holders & Caps

  • N3C-A (Coaxial Light Cap)

    N3C-A (Coaxial Light Cap)

    Answering the need of coaxial illumination, the N3C-A is designed to form coaxial front light simply by replacing the front cap of Dino-Lite Edge models.  The coaxial front light, formed by mirroring the light of Dino-Lite with a beam splitter, may...

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  • N3C-R (Ring Light Cap)

    N3C-R (Ring Light Cap)

    In most macro observation, a ring light may help to reveal more details by generating shadow-less illumination. Working seamlessly with the Dino-Lite Edge series, the N3C-R front cap is a unique and the simplest solution designed to provide ring...

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  • HDE-01


    The HDE-01 is to provide a more ergonomic handheld operation for vertical inspection by attaching the handler to a Dino-Lite. With lightweight aluminum clamp grip and position adjustability, the HDE-01 can be held easily with Dino-Lite secured. It can be...

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